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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Travels Abroad

Travel Log ~ Las Vegas

An Adventure in Three Days, featuring a party of amazingly diverse and varied peoples.


8:15 AM – Late. I should have left ten minutes ago, but I forgot my change. Hoping that the day goes fast, but who knows. Eight people in the van. Prayers that it is big enough. A woman is looking at me funny, probably shouldn’t talk out loud as I write.

12:04 PM – Lunch soon. Vegas is looming large above the day, I don’t know whether or not to be scared or what.

4:00 PM – The boss has let me go so I can get ready for the trip. Unfortunately for me, no one else has a similar set up. Curses! Fye, I say, fye!

5:56 PM – Remember I have the book. We are on the road. Stuck in traffic. The world is conspiring against me. Us. Conspiring against us. Bastards.

5:57 PM – Bryce has noticed me writing and promptly made fun of me. Illiterate fool!

5:59 PM – Disatster! I lost the change! I carried that god damned cup from hell with me all god damned day, harping about how great it is and I lost it...(someone holds it up in the back of the van)…oh, never mind. The trip may continue, for now.

6:15 PM – Sara claims we will be there in five minutes. Threats concerning asking “are we there yet” are forbidden by the front seat and the masses fall in line.

6:39 PM – Sara: “You SUCK!!!”

9:53 – The “Grand Wizard” decrees a moratorium on non-English speaking music. Hilarity ensues.

No specific entries for the next two and a half hours. Arrival in Las Vegas, cramped, tired, possibly just a little hateful, no later then 12 AM.


Handwriting is visibly slanted. I think it was the pen. Perhaps not.

1:30 AM – Nine Fine Irishman, a pub. Two beers and a few folk songs later, the team is ready to move. We’re going to Bellagio, apparently on foot, despite the thing at…(line)

2:45 AM – Carmel, Bellagio. Trendy, and sloppy all rolled into one. The booze she flows like wine. Hip hop hurray, ho, hurray ho…

3:00 AM – Slepp [Sleep?]. A plan is forming, Paris, Alladin, the Grand and then home. This should take, what like, 7 hours. 8 if we’re really lucky.

3:15 AM – Em claims Bryce made her loose $10.00. Bitterness on all sides, I lost my pen and took this one from a clown.

5:30 AM – MGM Grande. ( Handwriting has degenerated, vocab sadly has not) Irate! Anger! Bile! Sara is unhappy…she declares that we are not permitted to have her body. Ever.

6:05 AM – Return to the room to drive a wedge between sleeping people. Sweet revenge! Haha! They’ll never stop us now!

8:22 AM – Girl Fight! My sleep is shattered. Hatred reins. Jesus Christ shut up, shut up shut up! Shut your fat yap!

9:37 AM – Time to start the day. Fresh, rejuvenated, and full of crap. Need food…need…sle—

10:22 AM – Actual get up. Ian gets his revenge, and escape. Auch! The light, it burns our eyes!

Noonish – Lunch at the Rain Forrest Café. While of course I endorse the saving of the rain forest I cannot abide shoddy service, and poorly put together menus. Tis’ Bryce’s birthday, and despite the best efforts of the Special Little Man, he cannot hide from the diligent eyes of Ryan, our incapable server. Sadly, I was in the bathroom when the embarrassment fest went down. I’m sure it was a joy.

Later, while lounging by the pool I reflected on the transient nature of time, and how, after all that we had done, all that we had seen I think that I can say…wow look at the cans on…


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