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Monday, September 05, 2005

Summer In The City

The problem with living in the city, especially one as huge as this, is that when one has the odd hankering to go outside for a bit of exercise, you are never really alone. Now, I suppose I should qualify that a bit and say that by exercise I mean “not sitting on the couch watching TV” NOT the other type. You know, the type that gets your heart rate up and makes you feel all good and stuff until you realize running to the end of the block is not going to do anything for you except make you hot and out of breath. I’m talking about just getting outside and enjoying (for lack of a better word) the great outdoors.

On the streets you’ve got cars whizzing by at 80 +, you’ve got to have special shoes for the mountains (not well worn flat footed deal like moi) and The Park on the weekends is inundated with families from all over the valley and tent cities spring up throughout the green to say nothing about the poor state of Parking. The beach, 45 minutes away…at least. The desert, a solid hour there and back.

I suppose I could get new shoes with special grips or something. I suppose that I could crank the volume on the ipod, drowning out the sounds of the streets. I could just suck it up and drive to the beach or desert or the Park. But then I would be letting the city win…anyhow, there is a kickass marathon of My Super Sweet 16 and Hogan Knows Best on today.