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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Fate Worse Then Death

Summer time is traditionally a time when the ol’TV sucks. It’s just a fact of life…our favorite shows, regardless of what they may be can only run so long in a season before actors, crew, and audiences just need a break. Recently I have filled my time normally relegated to watching TV to taking in some of the crappy movies on cable. By “Crappy” I mean those movies that have been on rotation on the cable networks FORVER and never seem to go away.

But while I’ve been watching my crappy shows, it appears that the rest of America has got Dance Fever. And I’m afraid, very afraid. First there was ABC’s summer time smash Dancing With the Stars. I’ve never seen the show, but from what I understand, it was the light kind of fare perfect for summertime; what could be funnier then watching J. Pieterman and Evander Holyfield shoot around a dance floor? But a recent article posted on the webernet has me shaking in my boots.

Fox, The Lords of Recycling, are now airing their own dance competition, this time brought to us by the manic geniuses that are ultimately responsible for American Idol. It would appear that tinsel town has noticed that one dancing show was good, so applying industry logic, one hundred dancing shows should be freaking awesome. And I know what they are thinking: somewhere in this town right now there is some jackass Development guy who is thinking…”Hey, my kids like playing that Dance Dance Revolution Game, why don’t we do a show about that.” You’re scoffing? It’s happening people…we could be in for a real world of shit!

I’m begging you, join me in writing your congressman, picketing the networks, and posting hundreds of letters. Let’s cast aside our differences and join together just this once to fend off the growing storm that could be headed to a TV near you very soon. Just think how things would have been different if someone would have stood up to TV in the late nineties before the Reality Wars won the airwaves. Come on people, an apocalypse is on the horizon and we are going to have to act VERY fast if we want to avoid it. Repent the end is here!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They wouldn't do that would they? Would they. Who am I kidding, "they" are th same people beihnd Littlest Groom, and Fear Factor.

12:59 PM

Blogger markre said...

I don't really watch TV. I don't have cable. That's a protest of sorts.

8:55 PM

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