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Monday, April 25, 2005


In keeping with my sudden urge to recomend things to you, check out Primer. The film was the winner of the big show at last year's Sundance. Made for something like 7,000 by a few film students, the movie is about a team of inventors that put together a time machine, kind of by accident. Dark, brainy, and kind of funny, it's a great film that makes you think.

Rock...Long and hard.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Generally I don’t do this, but I thought I would take a minute to make a few general recommendations for the benefit of the common reader. This past weekend, I had the opportunity to take in a few films that were, for lack of a better word or phrase, “pretty good.”

The first of these films was Kung Fu Hustle I went into this one with lower expectations then normally draw me into a theatre to see a film. My initial fear was that this one was going to be a tired rehashing of the kung fu movie genre, with more of an effort to create the next Naked Gun then to create a good original movie. I was wrong. The movie was paced well, really damn funny, and well worth the time.

The next day I got we got the chance to take in Showtime’s film adaptation of Reefer Madness. The musical satire based on the cult classic “Tell Your Children,” was a surprise. Again, I went into it afraid that this was going to be a tired, poorly pulled together deal. Who wants to see a musical about saying no to drugs, right? Instead, I found it smart, funny, and entirely original. A definite recommend if/when you get the chance to rent it or see it.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Power Of The People

Just yesterday a friend from a while back asked about one of my former passions, a thing that many of you will smirk at, will roll your eyes at. Even back in the my hay day I had to put up with people railing against this passion O'mine. That was fine. In my strange little world I had power (granted that in itself is kind of a bold statement worth being railed against).

The passion: Student Government.

Oh I can already tell that the few folks who might read this thing are getting out of Dodge. But, only because three people in the past two months have mentioned the subject to me, I present to you a discussion I had about running your very own bloodless coup.

The most important thing to remember about your dorm mates is that they are weak. Plainly put, most men and women of college age are sheep, and have a perceptible affinity for falling in line with a convincing majority.

In short, it seems to me that you should have nothing to worry about if you keep this key principle in mind: they are sheep in search of a shepherd. Many residence halls across the Nation practice a type of super democracy. In this deficient form of government, the whole population of the hall is part of some committee. All students are expected to govern themselves, with each member having and equal vote in EVERY decision.

This liberalized democracy, this rule of the Mob illustrates an inner weakness that is beyond laughable and borders on heartbreaking. It is the civic duty of you, the enlightened few to reach onto the miasma of this uber-democratic state and liberate them from their own self-imposed prison of paper work and Robert’s Rules. College, life itself is to important to worry about being a part in every decision that is made. The good of the whole is directly harmed when the people are forced to participate in meaningless and unneeded meetings. These are the times when they should be concerned with friends, with education, with learning from the school of hard knocks, NOT endlessly debating the benefits of two ply against single.

It is the duty of those who have been born to lead, those with the tenacity, and the political machismo to take control to stand up and demand that the reigns of power be transferred to them. If a direct assault in this way is not possible, then it is your job, again for the benefit of the many, to change the inner workings of such an outmoded and quaint organization from inside. Seek membership in the powerful committees, create distrust between allies, stockpile TP, Soap, and other needed supplies in order to increase the need…and then imply that the system must be broken…for it has FAILED through its complicated methodology to provide what the people want when they need it.

If at all possible, ingratiate yourselves to the demigods and the parliamentarians, and speak whenever a difficult issue has been presented. In the absence of a difficult issue, imply that one exists and then let the group fight about it. You may have to attack Poland…I mean…charge the administration with negligent behavior. Seize control of a small committee and then through procedure make this committee the cornerstone of the organization. Once you have done all of these things, once you have burdened the committees with paperwork, filibustered even the smallest issues, driven a spike between the existing leadership and created an implied leadership amongst your own personal clique, then it is time to call for a vote…time to imply this radical people’s government is confusing and hurting everyone. Say you need direction. Say you need purpose. Say you need to efficiently cut out the middleman (the people). Then nominate a patsy, albeit a well-liked patsy, to serve as Prime Minister, President, Czar or whatever.

Then you have done it. In a few short weeks you have saved the people from the endless toil of self-government and provided them a stable, easily controllable government, elected for the people…kind of by the people…and you can have new soap whenever you want it. Presidential privilege and all of that.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Update...Haversham censored!

Aparently our friends over at kinderwords are taking a page from the book of those very evil news corperations they hate so much and have decided to selectivly screen posts. How else do they account for this reply to one of our comments to their recent posts...

Comment Submission Error

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What a sad state of affairs.

And Now From Our Man In The Field...

I like the news. Lately, I have become a regular addict, surfing between one news network and the other. I like to compare the sets, the anchors, and the onscreen layouts. Personally, I think that many of them are trying way to hard at putting as much information on the screen as possible. There is one network in particular that will often have two scrolling tickers of news bites and up to three completely separate images on the screen at any given time. Over kill. And it looks tacky.

I recently read a few comments about the news on a friend’s page and the main thrust of the post was that media consolidation is bad and that the news is a tainted thing. Or something. This of course prompted me to spend the balance of my morning ignoring internship resumes and reading up on criticisms of the media giants that dominate network news.

I think that it's high time that the folks out there that are harping about the news come to the sad realization that the news is not for information anymore, rather a programmed and highly scripted form of entertainment. Adages such as "if it bleeds, it leads" are tired and all, but how can anyone really fault the news networks for collectively turning their backs on what most would consider responsible journalism in favor of what their mother-ship corporations really want: something to fill the gaps between Celais commercials? The news isn’t a public service, it’s a business. The problem with the news, as many pundits and late night talk show hosts have already pointed out, is that the folks that sit behind the desks imagine that they are all little Cronkite’s in the making. Most of them would be a helluva lot more popular if they just embraced the fact that they are the thinking man’s studio wrestlers. Flash and bang, drama for dramas sake. And tell me you wouldn’t love to see Crossfire turn into a tag team-wrestling match.