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Monday, March 21, 2005

The Office Is...

I think that any office is like a really big tree sitting in the forest. Cut into is and take a look at the rings and you can see how old the tree is, see what it lived through (before you ended its life for a hypothetical). Famine, disease, lightning strikes. I guess a better hypothetical would be that an office is like a lumber mill, it strips the land of different trees, rips off the individual limbs, in an effort to create uniform inputs for the sawing, slicing, and pulping machines. We, the workers are the trees you see, processed and consumed by…oh wait that doesn’t work either. Well in it’s way it works but, not in the way I wanted to go.

Let’s say that an office is like a wood framed house, it’s out there and you need some wood to build the walls and to turn into shingles right? So you go back to the lumberyard and you get some wood. And the people in the office are the processed wood products that go into making the house. The floorboards, the stairs, the railings are all different. They may look the same by some virtue of the staining process, but the grain…the grain makes each board special and different, do you follow.

Unless you go for carpet. It’s a hell of a lot easier to take care of. And using wood as an exterior finish is just asking for years of constant upkeep when you’re talking about weatherproofing and repairing shingles and stuff. Eventually you are going to upgrade to siding anyhow, because it has a better resale value then wood in today’s market. So the siding is automation then? No I did it again…

Okay…let me start over here, an office is like a well-oiled machine, and everyone inside are the parts that keep it running smoothly. Sometimes it works great while other times you have to rip out the parts and start again.

Do you see what I’m saying?


Blogger markre said...

Mr. B,

Your post makes me sermise (sp) that you've spent too many hours in an office. Dr. S advises you to take off your shirt and roll in the waves for half of a day. A great shark will scent you and proceed to engineer your demise. Thence you will no longer pine for office-less existence. And you will only miss your fleshy earthlife for a blink of time before you submit to the joyous throes of valhalla.

7:46 PM


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