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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Civics 102

Recent discussion reminded me that I got up on my soap box recently and a point of clarification may be in order.  A few days ago I stated that the American people should have to take a standard civics test in order to be permitted to vote in any and all elections.  There have been enough comments (though none of them posted here), for me to rethink said statement and redirect some of my comments.

First of all, to answer concerns about the tests content, my intentions are not to deny suffrage to folks.  My hope would be that by asking people to jump through this hoop they will become better informed voters, and by that token, become better citizens.  By requiring the average voter to do a little homework on the issues and the candidates they will vote for what they think is right as opposed to voting based on party.

I have been thinking about the problem of voter turn out and voter knowledge a lot lately and I guess my civics test is just me lashing out with a way to combat ignorance and a bit of the brainwashing that goes into contemporary party politics.  Republicans aren't always evil, and Democrats aren't always peace-knick.  By forcing the electorate to earn their right to suffrage every four years, it would be my hope to see a death to blind voting in those people who actually take the 15 minutes it takes to go to the polls and cast a vote.

This all stems from hearing time and time again people shrug their shoulders and justify their voting choice with statements like "well we're from the same party" or "I went with the lesser of two evils."  I guess I should be happy that people are voting at all, but I can't help but cringe at the thought of a vote just for the sake of voting.  While that is a great way to exercise your rights, I would rather see a man or woman voting for some issue or with some thought to a candidate's stance on an issue, regardless of how small and trivial it may be.  In the end I see voting blind like loading a gun, closing your eyes and squeezing the trigger.  Chances are pretty good that something horrible is going to happen.

Monday, July 26, 2004


So it’s been a while.  I have to honest, the board that I put together was enough of a post for a month worth of updates, but given the gravity of recent events I feel that it’s probably a good time to throw some things up here.

What are these events you ask, none other then Comicon International!  Held at the San Diego Convention Center, this massive event takes up the whole of the building and it plays host to thousands of people from all over the world.  To say the least the day was great from start to finish.  Between the great new artists, the booths of established writers, to the quasi-celebrities that to the dork world are demigods there was hardly enough time for the group of us to sit down.

But for as awesome as the whole day was, it was mingled with a tinge of weird and even the down right scary.  There were literally whole columns of storm troopers marching through the place, as well as all manner of fan boys and girls done up as their favorite characters mainstream and otherwise.  Some of the costumes were great, and while seen anywhere else they would make me flinch, they were at home amongst the fans and vendors and really weird gaming dudes.
 I hope to give some more details soonish as to what went down, but I’m kind of reeling from the event still.  Let me close by saying, Godstorm is awesome, comics are cool, Furries scare me, and one day might not be enough for Comicon next year!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Mission accomplished!

Sweet Zeus!  After weeks of toil, cutting and snipping construction paper, gluing and glittering a collage of grand design, reorganizing the cooperate and federal notices that for weeks, nay months had created a misshapen milase I have succeeded in my remedial task!
The Bulletin Board is done.
It took a lot out of me, but finally after so long in creating what now reads to me as a testament to the human will I feel as if I have bested art itself.  If only you had the ability to see what I have done, you, like the souless, artless fools at my place of business would fall into tears.  Who ever said that matter could not be created or destroyed was a hack!  I have taken a void and filled it with an art so grand, that all in the office gather around my mighty creation for all the latest news and information I see fit to post.
My power is great, but rest assured I shall not allow my new rank as savior of the medium of collage go to my head.  The board would not condone such behavior.  But what shall I do now...Perhaps work on organizing the mighty junk drawer!  Whoo-Ha!

Friday, July 16, 2004

Civics 101...

A recent fight around the water cooler had me convinced that some Americans should be stripped of their right to vote.  In civics class in high school we had to come up with ways to educate voters and hopefully, increase voter turnout.  We had a lot of people talking about incentive packages; vote today and get a tax credit or vote today and get a free turkey or trip to Disney world.  I on the other hand was in full support of a standard civics test.  When was the country founded?  What is the Bill of Rights?  Who are the candidates?  George Washington…discuss?  If you can’t score a 70 percent (C) then you can’t vote this year.  Granted such a system favors the educated, and in doing so potentially removes a huge segment of the population, but I’m not sure I care.  If you can’t tell me that the declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia in 1776 then I don’t know if you have earned the right to complain about your hanging chad.
Americans take most of what they have for granted, forgetting millions who sacrificed to give them a leg up in the world.  The most obvious response to this rant is that it is my God given to vote or not to vote…I have the choice.  Well to those people I say stop rationalizing your ignorance about the candidates and issues or your obvious laziness and take the 15 minutes it takes to pull some levers.  I would rather have a system that favors the literate then a system that promotes apathy among the willing.
I will follow that statement with another bold stroke…I think that it is the State’s responsibility to EDUCATE its people about the things on my civics test, if not a few things like math and maybe some geography.  Geography is so underated.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Glad Hands

There is a certain amount of etiquette that comes with certain places. There are things you wear in church, things you wear to the beach. There are words you say to your friends at the bar, and these words aren't necessarily the same ones you might want to use in front of your mom.

These are the kinds of things that come with living in a society, right, the social mores or what ever that tell us what is appropriate and what is not. Well, as you may imagine there are many such rules in the Byzantine halls of Hollywood. Most of them are pretty obvious; don't tell the truth about the bosses pet project, never admit to eating carbs, you know the usual. But there is one that I can't take...Glad handing.

I'm not sure what it is, but there is something about glad handing that always makes me a little uneasy. The worst thing about it is that you could have a perfectly good talk with someone and then as soon as it's over up with the fake, toothy smiles, out with the hand, two quick pumps and you are on your way. It's as if you fall away and are replaced with a toothy demon from WMA or CAA; the thing is I'm not closing a deal, I'm saying 'see you later!' The second you turn away you think to yourself what the hell was that about?

And that's my question...What is it all about...Glad handing, not life.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Blah, blah, blah

It feels like it has been a good long while since I made even a marginal effort in getting something new to the page. When I think about why it has taken me so long, I think that it has a lot to do with the extremely stupid poem that I posted in a fit of caffeinated, sugar driven attack of the ain’t-I- clever’s. It’s pretty stupid, and I apologize.

My days of late have been filled with hemming and hawing about the state of the union as it is today, and more specifically, which of the two homogenous candidates for president will I vote for in the next few months. I suppose I should follow that with an immediate correction- they are not homogenous as much as they appear to be equally not good in different areas. Where one has a better economic plan, the other seems to have foreign policy initiatives that I agree with more. I am not going to go into my thoughts on the specifics of each of them, or more precisely, I am not going to go into what I think of each in terms of the issues. At least not now.

The thing that I am really mulling over, the thing that has gotten my goat is my growing distaste for the political system as it stands now. I guess what it comes down to is that there are no politicians that I believe in, no political pov that sings to me anymore. I guess that is why I consider one candidate just as good as the other…at the moment it would seem that we have shifted to a point in history where I am unable to even choose the lesser of two evils; one will probably be just as bad as the other. This posting leaves a lot to be desired; I don’t go to bat with issues and I don’t stake a claim one direction or the other. I hope to over the next few months, but at this point I am at a loss. Does anyone know who I should vote for?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Wreck of The Los Angeles Traffic...Part one...

Today was a rough day on the way to work, and as I flipped around on the radio, the following song floated into my head. It's stupid, but in my current state of mind I figured why not...for kicks think of the tune for the "Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald."

The Wreck of Los Angeles Traffic...Part I.

The legend lives on from Los Angeles Town
Of the big road they call the Freeway
Those streets, it is said, never give up their dead
When the skies of Hollywood go smoggy.

With lanes broad across – 4 each way or more
Then any sane city would’ve asked for
Yet this good man and true was a bone to be chewed
When the trucks of Cal-Dot stopped early.

The man was the pride of the Bethel Park side
Most likely to win big in the movies
As the big egos will go his was bigger than most
With a resume well padded and seasoned.

He awoke in the light of the new morning bright
When he left the apartment in Glendale
He had more then the time he needed to drive
All the way to the office on San Vicente.

The line up on Barham made him question his way
And the horns blared or’ the morning radio,
And everyone knew, as the man did, too,
T’was the traffic of LA come stealing.