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Monday, June 28, 2004

A Quick Word...

Well I’m back. This last weekend was more then I could have ever hoped for and a great deal more then I could have ever guessed. As I have said before, this past weekend saw me and a good deal of my closest friends from school reunited for the wedding of two of our own. It was a fantastic time, and I feel that since I took the time to mention the event in question earlier here, I should provide some kind of closing statement.

The wine flowed, the people laughed, the cars got beached on the side of the dark country roads in compromising locals in the middle of the night. The wedding went off (at least from this observers POV) without any major snags and it might be a bit of understatement to say that a good time was had by all. For more information about the times we had, I would check out .

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Told you so...

Well I hate to say it, but I told you I would suck at this. I went from two or three postings a day, to one every other day, to just remembering now that I have the damn thing. Considering that it is in the nature of these things to really post for your own amusement, well I can't say that I am that disappointed. I know me and me is big on leaving me out in the cold.

Today is interesting. This time tomorrow I will be back in Ohio, a stones throw away from my old Alma Mater. The event in question: A wedding. I have attended a few of these things in my short days, but all and all, none of them have hit as close to home as this one. The couple is question are two of the best people I know...Good natured, funny, and they have been tolerant of me when I have once or twice failed to be civil. They are a great match, and I wish them only the best but their wedding is already stirring up its fair share of "big" questions that I know full well no one has the answer to.

So instead of waxing on such pressing issues as "will I ever get married?" or "when will I fall in love?" I plan on asking the real important questions such as "where's the bar." At least that one can be taken care of by a helpful waiter or recently reunited friend. It's kind of stupid to worry about big questions like "when will I fall in love?" There is no way to answer and even if it could be addressed I am not sure I would want to know...It would take all the fun out of hopelessly careening towards death.

And now, for a drink.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Sound and Fury...

So far, today has been a slice of normal. I spent the morning with busy work, and then moved onto a project that I have little or no desire to do. It is my duty to create a bulletin board. This particular project was bequeathed to me by my Receptionist forebears and apparently has not been attempted since February. Great fine. So it's my job. It should be simple right? Wrong.

I'm not sure if it is the lack of social interaction or my own desire for expression, but this thing is already more complicated then it really should be. I should have known I was in trouble when I started blueprinting the thing. This amalgamation of glitter and cut outs shall be the mightiest board of its type in Hollywood! I figure go big or go home...If anyone has any suggestions now is the season for creation.

Man do I love art.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Another Day...

Another day another dollar. Simple office throw-away line or harbinger of doom? I have been thinking about this a lot lately and decided that it is just the right type of thing to post here on the old Internet. The subject at hand: is it just another day and another dollar, or is it more then that. Don’t walk away yet…no really…let me make my point!

The issue that I am brining up here is one of great import to me; shouldn’t work be more then that? Shouldn’t work be doing what you want, doing something that makes you happy. For those of you already rolling the old peepers I’ll concede that perhaps the best thing one can hope for is a job that doesn’t make you hate (life, people, animals, whatever). It would be nice if that tired old phrase could be true but it’s a sorry fact of life that most of us will not get the dream job. Most of us will be forced by circumstances beyond our control to get a job to pay the bills or make ends meet and while I am sure there are some folks out there who will prove me wrong, it is DAMN unlikely that the job you take out of necessity will work out to be a job that makes you feel content. No, from what I’ve seen it is better to shoot for a job that doesn’t make you hate…some job that pays the bills but doesn’t ruin every single outlook on life for you.

Another day another dollar is a terrible phrase in my book. “Another day another dollar” is something that if said with conviction signals that you have given up the hope of ever doing anything enjoyable with your life. You have in short become one of the most dreaded things out there in cooperate America: A Lifer.

From my humble experience, every organization has got at least one Lifer…a person who walked into the job right out of school and has been there ever since. These people are no different then you or I; they had the same thought when they took the job…”this is temporary, I’ll wait here for something better to come along.” Then before they know it they have been there for 10 years and at that point why leave?

The sad thing about Lifers seems to be that most of them did not choose to stay in constant career stasis…they painted themselves into a corner. They got really good at doing what was expected of them to get the job done and before they had any idea of what was happening they were given names like “old reliable Jane.” Over time, those same repetitive tasks that any trained monkey or intern could do become life and death to the Lifer; it is as if the whole micro-universe of the office revolves around the axis of this one mid-level employee.

As I said, the prospect of becoming a lifer scares the hell out of me. And as far as I have been able to tell the best way to spot a Lifer also gives us the best clues in how to avoid becoming one. Take a lap around the office. As you pass offices and work stations subtly look at each one. Go ahead…keep looking…the desk covered with personalized coffee mugs, orthopedic back pillows, goofy mouse pads, pictures of pets and perhaps one or two kids. That’s him. Aside from one or two touches that make his crap seem a little corny what does all of that junk do? It makes him comfortable. The bobble-heads, the crazy pens, and the drink bird mark this place the lifers place, his own little slice of home in the middle of the office. Meet the enemy: Comfort. The second you get comfortable enough to start brining in pictures of pets the second you know that you are to well adjusted in the workplace. No wonder the lifer gets stuck! Who would want to leave all of this stuff behind…or go to the trouble of picking it all up and moving. The second you are that comfortable is the second you resign yourself to data entry for a LONG time. I’m not advocating Spartan living conditions here; no reason to sit on cinderblocks and 2 x 4’s.

Take a look around the office tomorrow…and if you notice a coworker who is getting a lot of great mileage from that mini gumball machine or Sharper Image foot massager, be kind. And stay on your toes…and be ready to take action if you notice such things starting to appear around your desk.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

A proper start...

I can’t think of what way best to begin this kind of thing. In the absence of a witty story or a real eye catching turn of phrase I suppose I went with the cop out…I started by telling you, whoever the hell you might be, that I don’t know how to start. If anything such a trick is more for me then for you; it gives me a place to start so I can at least write something; it kind of makes you feel good…you just write and write and then before you know it you have a whole paragraph of text and you feel as if you really accomplished something.

So far it’s working.

I guess I can go on to further warn you- in addition to having no idea how to start this mess; I am a terrible person for keeping up with these things. Journals, diaries whatever. I have always royally sucked at keeping them. In the third and fifth grade respectively we had to keep diaries all the damn time. I think it was meant to be a way for us to learn how to write and such but for me it was just an introduction to how to cram three months of work into a day and a half of very, very quick and poorly put together writing. It’s not that I don’t think keeping a journal is not a worthwhile thing. For me it really is quite the opposite; I have tried so many times to do it…but at the end of the day when I have the choice of sitting down and watching TV, or reading, or calling someone or writing in the old journal…well I would choose the thing that wasn’t writing. It just never seemed like there was anything worth writing to put to paper for my children’s children.

I wonder what the means.

So then, if you are still with me on this magical adventure into the mind and imagination, well bully for you. I have been honest so far (though I can’t promise I will be honest all the time). I don’t know how to start, and I don’t have a great track record with keeping these things going for more then a few days without becoming enamored with something else that might be shinny over in the far corner of the room.

I’m pretty sure I have always been that way. I like to play with things in my mind, I like to come up with ideas. There is nothing better then coming up with a new idea, be it for a paper or a story or a conversation. That moment when the idea hits me seems to be the best part, because without fail, the idea is sure to loose its glimmer when the next one comes along. One minute I am working on a novel, then before you know it the best idea for a screenplay thunders into the room and I can’t help but leave the novel where it lays to chase down the new idea. I am fairly sure that this far from good feature to my personality has more then once worked against me, that is has driven some friends crazy. My only defense is that it would seem that even if 99 of these ideas when polished and worked out suck hardcore, they were all worth it for that 1 that is worth saving.

I think I could rationalize anything

Looking back over the last few years I suppose that the reason my journals have had a tendency to fail is not because they began to bore me…it was because I couldn’t understand why I was cooling my heels writing about me when an idea was just floating off in the distance. Better to chase after that potential great idea then to sit in a holding pattern talking about the girl who snubbed me, that band I like, or that post modern theory that has me all bound up in knots. Now that I have filled up a good page or so of writing I suppose we get to the crux of it; I am really writing this today with absolutely no hope of finishing it. I am writing here in order to get the juices flowing, in order to wait for the next big idea to come along.

So please join me while we wait for something better to come along.


Well I have been waiting for about twenty minutes. Aren't people supposed to write in and fight with my viewpoints or comment on my statements? Hmmm...Me thinks I have been giving to much credit to this fad.

In the Begining

Ha! I realize that now, as I sit here trying to set this damnable thing up, that I am going to suck at keeping it running and suck even more at keeping it interesting. Sorry, I just thought that you should know that before we got any farther. I don’t want anyone getting any mixed signals, or crossed wires. That’s really the way of it. I am sure to elaborate on both of those points very soon (but as I am at work now I am not really ready to commit the time and energy for a kick off that deserves any type of pat on the back.) but for now I am ready to rock with just a simple test-post.

I can’t help but notice that I probably have committed the same type of things in this my first “blog” that many others do: I make light of the fact that I am posting my thoughts on such a public forum, I joke about the content, Hell I even go to the great lengths to title my first entry with a very original and creative line.

See I told you I would suck at this. But man do I love me a good trend, and since this seems the flavor of the week thing to do, I am more then happy to waste just a bit of the Man’s time and see what all of the fuss is about.